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Got to love it. - Huzzah! Just, Huzzah!
June 8th, 2004
08:22 pm


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Got to love it.
StudMaster412: hey
SillyGrndm: hey
StudMaster412: sup
SillyGrndm: nothing much...fighting with my best friend ever..about guys makin out, ypu?
SillyGrndm: you*
StudMaster412: fightin with ur best friend over homos?
SillyGrndm: hey!
SillyGrndm: some of my friends are gay.
StudMaster412: really
StudMaster412: wow..that's strang
SillyGrndm: yes
SillyGrndm: why?
StudMaster412: strange*
StudMaster412: m
StudMaster412: mmm...
StudMaster412: i've never known a really real gay person personally
StudMaster412: and if i did...that's just wrong
SillyGrndm: Why is that wrong? Because the bible says so?
StudMaster412: yes. God meant it to be one man and one woman
SillyGrndm: In this day and age, not too many people take into consideration what every word of the bible says.
SillyGrndm: Do you believe in the constitution?
StudMaster412: i know that they don't

Auto response from SillyGrndm: Dear Lakers,

I am a loving fan of the detroit pistons. So..all I have to say is... GET FUCKIN READY ASSHOLES!!! YOU GUYS ARE GOING THE FUCK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so remember, I love the pistons.

Thank you!!

Love always,


Hey, assmunch, maybe you noticed the GOD DAMN YELLOW NOTEPAD NEXT TO MY SCREENNAME!!! THAT MEANS IM AWAY. GOD! Get a life.

StudMaster412: yes i believe the constitution...where in there does it talk about gay ppl?
SillyGrndm: It doesnt. Instead it says, that all men are created equal. Thanks to the 19th amendment, that includes women. It's all in the nature of love and free will. God has nothing to do with freewill or love. He can't control it, nor deny it.
SillyGrndm: Therefore, if two men, or two women wish to be together, there is absoutely nothing wrong with it.
SillyGrndm: God, can say all he wants how wrong it is, but I have gay friends who still believe in god and go to church every sunday
StudMaster412: if they claim to be saved and really truely do love the Lord...then it's between them and God what they do
SillyGrndm: Exactly, but still...Regardless of what the bible says, people will be gay. Haha, Jesus was Jewish yes?
StudMaster412: what's wrong with him being Jewish?
SillyGrndm: Nothing wrong with him being jewsih. But I have TWO jewish friends that are gay. What would Jesus jave to say to that?
StudMaster412: that it goes against His will
SillyGrndm: Well, is he going to throw Evan and Marc out of his religion?
SillyGrndm: I don't think so.
StudMaster412: what do u mean out of his religion?
SillyGrndm: Jesus is downright Jewish, Marc and Evan are Jewish.
StudMaster412: why would he throw them out of his religion?I
SillyGrndm: Because they're gay.
StudMaster412: as long as they're saved He's not going to deny them access to heaven. We've all messed up in our lives and He forgives us!
SillyGrndm: So you think being gay, lesbian and bi sexual is just a mistake in peoples lives?
StudMaster412: i think it's a sin
StudMaster412: i think it goes against what God has designed and planned
SillyGrndm: So you think that I'm sinning?
StudMaster412: in a spiritual sense...I think you are going against God's word (the Bible) and I believe that anything that goes against the Bible is sinning
SillyGrndm: I'm opting for telling you the truth.
StudMaster412: what?
SillyGrndm: I believe in God, yes I do. But I think that the bible, is a crock of shit. Its a book that tells you how to live your life. What if I wrote a 4,000 page book telling you how to live your life, and then mysteriously died? Who people come up with a religion based upon what I belived in? Would I be worshiped? Who buildings go up in my praise? Why is it that, someone mysteriously wrote a book and all the sudden, its worshipped? It's not the original bible you read. Sorry, but it was re-written for a kings sake. A king in jolly ol' England. Sorry.
StudMaster412: what bible u readin?
SillyGrndm: I'm sure the same one as you.
StudMaster412: the Bible was written by God, yes through men, but by divine inspriation through God's Holy Spirit!

Auto response from SillyGrndm: I'm tellin ya'll, Its B-U-L-L S-H-I-T

StudMaster412: are you a born again Christian?
StudMaster412: born-again?
StudMaster412: i don't wanna have a fight about it or anything...you believe what you believe about it, and I believe what I want to believe about it......I'm just showing you my point of you and you are showing me yours.....I don't want this to turn into a fight between us-ok?
SillyGrndm: No I'm not.
SillyGrndm: I'm not any religion.
SillyGrndm: I just know my shit.
StudMaster412: i mean are you saved
StudMaster412: do u believe in God?
SillyGrndm: SillyGrndm: I believe in God, yes I do
StudMaster412: do u know that you'll go to heaven when u die?
SillyGrndm: I doubt it.
StudMaster412: why do u doubt it?
StudMaster412: don't u want to?
SillyGrndm: Sure I do, but I've done things that God doesnt apporve of.
SillyGrndm: For one, I'M HALF LESBIAN!
StudMaster412: so have I!!-I have sinned alot!
SillyGrndm: You go to a fricken church school.
StudMaster412: God will forgive you if you ask Him for forgiveness
StudMaster412: you can go to church on sundays
SillyGrndm: Why would I want forgivenss for something I've chosen?
StudMaster412: i mean for the stuff u said he doesn't approve of
SillyGrndm: I've chosen to be Bi.
StudMaster412: if u feel that that is ok, then fine...but plz,plz,plz go to church soon and just listen to the message (hopefully it's an evangelical and not topical)
SillyGrndm: You're begging me to go to church?! Perhaps you haven't seen the bottom of my profile, perhaps you haven't been listening to anything I'm saying.
SillyGrndm: Here let me spell it out for you.
StudMaster412: pentagram...i got it
SillyGrndm: I -C -H -O -S -E -T -O -B -E -B -I - S -E -X -U -A -L
SillyGrndm: 666 = THE DEVIL
SillyGrndm: I'm not exactly church material darling.
StudMaster412: mfkr
SillyGrndm: Come again?
StudMaster412: i'm just sharing a joy with you
StudMaster412: mate feed kill repeat
SillyGrndm: To go to church?!
StudMaster412: it's the first album by Slipknot
SillyGrndm: I don't listen to Slipknot.
StudMaster412: no, the joy of having Jesus Christ as your Savior!!
SillyGrndm: Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick.
StudMaster412: but u just said that you believe in God
SillyGrndm: This is not a win win situation.
SillyGrndm: I do! I believe in God. I belive in The Devil.
SillyGrndm: Do I believe in going to church EVERY sunday? No.
StudMaster412: it's one or the other
StudMaster412: your either living for God and hating the devil, or living for the devil and hating God
SillyGrndm: There is a heaven and a hell my friend. There cannot a heaven without a hell.
StudMaster412: and ur point is?
SillyGrndm: So basically what you're saying is, All the murders, rapists, pedifiles and people like that are gonna go to heaven?
SillyGrndm: Putting all the forgivenss bullshit aside
StudMaster412: if they are saved/born-again/accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and believe in Him-yes they will
SillyGrndm: Thats pulling in the forgiveness crap!
StudMaster412: when a person accepts Jesus as their Savior, they feel guilty of their sin because God hates it....they want to be forgiven of their sins!
SillyGrndm: Not always.
SillyGrndm: I dont want to be forgiven of all my sins.
SillyGrndm: I dont want to be forgiven for choosing to be bi.
StudMaster412: do you want to go to heaven when u die?
SillyGrndm: Where else is there to go?
StudMaster412: hell
SillyGrndm: According to you, there is not hell.
StudMaster412: what?
StudMaster412: when was that?!?!?!
SillyGrndm: Where would the devil be?
SillyGrndm: Hmm?
SillyGrndm: Hell or Heaven?
StudMaster412: u konw that
SillyGrndm: But you..I can't believe in both!
StudMaster412: u can't believe in both!
SillyGrndm: But I do!
SillyGrndm: What does that make oh great one?!
SillyGrndm: Does that make me my own religion?!
StudMaster412: it is physically and spiritually impossible to BELIEVE in both at the same time!!
StudMaster412: whichever one u serve more (God or Satan) that determines where you will spend eternity!
SillyGrndm: Well then I'm new! I believe in both! What now!?
StudMaster412: what now-I believe that it is impossible to actually live for both God and Satan
StudMaster412: all I can do is pray for you because you are my friend
SillyGrndm: Believe, you're talking to someone who does.

I love stupid people.

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